Saturday, April 2, 2011

Reason for Being

I love to take pictures. I take them with a pretty nice camera (Canon 40D) and an even nicer lens (I only have one). I have had my DSLR since July 2008. In the nearly three years since, I have taken some pretty nice pictures. But these pictures have been the result of the following ingredients:

  • nice camera
  • liberal use of the shutter button
  • luck
I am done with luck. It is time to stop relying on the fact that if I take 400 pictures at an event, I end up with 100 that are decent, and only a handful that are really great. And even the great ones are captured because I got lucky. No more.

I am going to take pictures for the sake of learning, knowing that none of the pictures I take will be great photographs, but will help me learn to take great photographs. 

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