Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Keeping Track of Settings

I'm going to need a system for keeping track of what the heck I do when I'm shooting. I'll try lots of different things when I'm just "playing," but when I get all the pictures onto my computer, as I look through them I can't remember what I did for a particular shot. So if one shot looks better than another, I don't know how to recreate it. I can look at the Exif info, but there's got to be an easier way. Hmm. Something to think about...

So here's a review:

f/3.2 - Exp 1/50 - ISO 160 - Speedlite
There's nothing really in focus. This isn't really horrible, but it wasn't by design. Probably due to the really slow shutter speed. Should have upped the ISO, but was having trouble balancing the Speedlite and the exposure.

f/5.6 - Exp 1/15 - ISO 160 - Speedlite
Better focus. Less exciting.

f/3.5 - exp 1/25 - ISO 640 - Speedlite
100% luck.

f/3.5 - exp 1/13 - ISO 640 - Speedlite
Dog walked into the background. :(

f/3.5 - exp 1/13 - ISO 640 - Speedlite
Speedlite on, F-stop of 3.5, and an ISO of 640. Why is my exposure still 1/13? All that fuzziness is the kid moving around instead of the f/3.5. Why so fuzzy! Eyes are pretty sharp though.

f/3.5 - exp 1/10 - ISO 640 - Speedlite
Again, why the slow shutter speed???

f/3.5 - exp 1/8 - ISO 640 - Speedlite
Exposure is getting slower. Still no idea why. Eyes are still in focus, though. Small wins where I can take them.

f/3.5 - exp 1/13 - ISO 640 - Speedlite
Another fuzzy shot. Cute kid, though. I have no idea why, in aperture priority, the shutter speed is so slow with a Speedlite on and a ton of natural light. I must have changed some other setting. Guess I'll go inspect that Exif data a little more thoroughly.

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  1. Sorry I never saw this, but I have no idea what is going on. Your camera should have a minimum shutter speed when flash is used and it should be around 1/60th. 1/8th with flash is crazy. Did you figure it out?